Global Alliance & Accelerator Program Manager


Bachelor of Arts Degree in East Asian & Japan Studies from the University of Leiden, Master of Science Degree in International Relations & Political Science from the VU University of Amsterdam, One-Year Exchange Program at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Kyushu


International Affairs, Community Management, Intercultural Communication

オランダ出身、子供の頃から世界を飛び回っているセバスチャンは2014年4月からImpact HUB Tokyoのチームに参加。大学で国際関係学を勉強し、そのバックグラウンドに従い「グローバル・アライアンス・マネージャー」として勤務。Impact HUBは現在世界中70カ所を超え、その他のImpact HUBとのコミュニケーションやネットワーク戦略の議論、又は、Impact HUB 以外のステークホルダーとのパートナーシップを作ること等は、セバスチャンが担当。尚、海外で開発した起業家向けの育成プログラム(アクセラレーター)も日本で働いている起業家のニーズに基づきローカライズし、Impact HUB Tokyoで提供していく。セバスチャンはこのようなプログラムの提供に通じて、起業家のエンパワーメントや日本の全体的なスタートアップ環境の進歩に貢献することを目指している。


Sebastian is born and raised in The Netherlands and has been going back and forth between The Netherlands and Japan since he was a university student. Sebastian joined the Impact HUB Tokyo team in April 2014, and based on his background in International Relations, he has been working as Global Alliance Manager. Currently, there are more than 70 Impact HUBs around the world, and Sebastian has been in charge of communications regarding the global strategy, as well as the creation of partnerships and alliances with outside stakeholders. In addition, he is currently also working on the launch of entrepreneurial accelerator programs that have been developed overseas, and to localize them for the Japanese market based on the needs of entrepreneurs in Japan. By offering these programs, Sebastian aims to contribute to the empowerment of entrepreneurs in Japan, as well as the overall advancement of the Japanese startup environment.