Co-founder & Director / 共同創業者&取締役

ロンドンにて大手金融機関などで投資・債券取引業務を経験し、独立。その後、ロンドンにてスタートアップの戦略立案に関わるようになり、テック系スタートアップのCFO経験、資金調達も多々経験する。Impact HUB TokyoではCFOをつとめ、ブレない経営をしインパクトを生み出す起業家を育てることに最大の関心がある。現在、個々の起業家支援よりもシステム的アプローチにて社会的課題を解決する研究を経て、Open Impact Systemsをグローバルに構築中。

Shingo is an experienced complex problem solver and a thinker. He solves complex problems by adopting innovative solutions from a diverse field. After working at investment banks in London, he has set up a hedge fund, a tech start-up and a social enterprise. His quest for balance and efficiency has led him to work on large impact systems. He firmly believes that most of the systemic problems can be solved by updating the systems with cutting edge methodologies. He is the co-founder of Impact Hub Tokyo and OISYS. Prior to this, he has worked as a trader in commodity, equity and interest rates and also structured complex financial transactions.