Impact Investment Specialist


Bachelor of Law from Keio University


Impact Investment, Community Management, Asset Management

Impact HUB Tokyo Investor Relations担当。慶應義塾大学を卒業後、大和証券株式会社にて個人投資家向け営業を担当。2013年にはImpact HUB Tokyoを通じてSOCAPに参加。社会的投資の分野に深い関心を持ち、2014年には国際協力NPO/Acumenの大阪支部であるOsaka+Acumenの立ち上げを主導。2014年末に大和証券を退職後、2015年2月よりImpact HUB Tokyoに参画。SOCAP Japan Teamプロジェクトをリードしている。

Yoichiro joined Impact HUB Tokyo in 2015 to manage investor relations. Prior to joining Impact HUB, he worked for Daiwa Securities as sales with strong interest in impact investing sector. Inspired by his experience from the SOCAP conference organized by Impact HUB San Francisco, he took an initiative outside of his work to launch the Osaka+Acumen, volunteer led self organized community of Acumen, an impact investing fund. He is currently working on SOCAP Japan Team Project.