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Open EventsBlockchainCodingTech 2018.08.08



このイベント情報は、 からの転載になります。イベント申し込みは元記事からお申し込みください。

We are glad to collaborate with CodeChrysalis for a special event in uncovering the blockchain landscape. Tezos as you may know is ahead of existing blockchains, For example, did you know you can write a smart contract that can create new contracts?

It is difficult to keep up with what is going on in the blockchain space which why we want to go a bit deeper and share blockchain principles from the perspective of Tezos. We hope everyone can take something from this whether you are looking for business cases or are a developer.

We will be joining other speakers and panelists (including Kathleen Breitman) who will be sharing their expertise and experience. They’ll be talking about what has been happening in the blockchain landscape and how you can get involved if you would like.

Free event and open to all.

このイベント情報は、 からの転載になります。イベント申し込みは元記事からお申し込みください。