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Le Wagon Open Day


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Looking for a life changing start to 2019?

If you are thinking of a career change into tech, want to become a full stack developer or launch your own tech startup, learning how to code is a pretty good start. 💻


Sign up here ( to book a time to meet with the team


At Le Wagon, we offer a 9-week coding bootcamp which has been tried and tested by over 4,000 alumni since 2013, who have gone on to be developers, product managers, startup founders and more.

If you’d like to learn more, come to Le Wagon Tokyo’s Open Day – sign up HERE ( choose a suitable date and time. It’s a great chance to meet the team and see the class in action.

We’ll run over the program, products built by our alumni, where they currently are with their careers and what they’re building now. The next Tokyo cohort starts on April 15th and July 1st 2019.
We also have sessions in Kyoto! The next one will be starting May 20th.

Take a look at the products built by our previous batches in just 10 days:

If you want to come and can’t make these times, email us on [masked] to arrange another time to meet.

See you soon!

このイベント情報は、 からの転載になります。イベント申し込みは元記事からお申し込みください。