Demo Day – Le Wagon Tokyo Coding Bootcamp – Batch #310


Demo Day – Le Wagon Tokyo Coding Bootcamp – Batch #310

We are looking forward to hosting you for the Demo Day of our Fall 2019 session in Tokyo, the 310th for Le Wagon worldwide! ????

For 9 weeks, 23 aspiring developers and entrepreneurs began their tech journey with Le Wagon Tokyo. On November 29th we’re going to demonstrate the power of Le Wagon’s coding bootcamp, as our students will showcase their first web applications.

????Do you want to hire skillful web developers, product managers or growth hackers?

????Are you looking for a technical partner?

????Do you want to network with important players in the local startup scene?

????Are you eager to attend an inspiring pitch session?

????????‍????Do you want to meet our alumni and team, have a good time, and share a drink with us?

Come and discover what our students can deliver after 9 weeks of intensive bootcamp! ????
23 students, 6 products, 10-minute pitches to convince you.


• Door opens: 7pm

• First pitch: 7:30pm
• Last pitch: 8:20pm

• Networking: 8:30pm ????


キャリアや人生は変えられる。仏発9週間のコーディングブートキャンプ「Le Wagon Tokyo」第11期生の集大成「DEMO DAY」が11月29日、Impact HUB Tokyoで開催。

エンジニアやプログラミングを学びたい人に、9週間フルタイムでコーディングを学ぶ今までになかったブートキャンプが「Le Wagon Tokyo」で体験できる。今回第11期に参加したのは国籍も様々な23名。彼らは、初心者のステータスからコーディングを学び、日々のエクササイズを通してコーディングを学んできた。最後のDEMO DAYでは、彼らが育ててきたプロダクトを披露する。


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