Product Sprint: from Idea to Prototype – Workshop


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Product Sprint: from Idea to Prototype – Workshop

How to end 2019 on a high note? With a Product Sprint!

You have a bunch of ideas but don’t know where to start? You’re looking to meet like-minded entrepreneurs? Or you just want to understand how to kickstart your own venture? This workshop is for you!

Entry Fee: a smile and your best ideas (yes, it’s free)
Capacity: 30 people max

Objective: Come with an idea, leave with your prototype.

We will be covering the key steps to bring your idea to life:
– Discovering your user persona, their pain and potential solutions
– Defining your unique value proposition
– Identifying your core user journey
– Designing & prototyping your full-fledged product with Figma


13:00 – Check-in
13:15 – Product Design Sprint 101 (1h30 min lecture)
14:45 – Team forming (15 min)
15:00 – Product Pitch & Value Proposition (30 min)
15:30 – Core User Journey & Prototyping (2h30 min)
18:00 – Pitching (30 min)


– No pre-requisite, this is a workshop for beginners!
– Ideally, come with an awesome idea
– Bring your own laptop
– Install Chrome ( and Figma ( before coming


About Le Wagon Tokyo

Le Wagon Tokyo ( is a coding school for startups, creative people and tech entrepreneurs. Our 9-week full-time or 24-week part-time Full-Stack Coding Bootcamps ( are designed for complete beginners or “half-beginners” who really want to dive into programming and, above all, change their mindset.
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Our part-time bootcamp is now open! The second part-time session will start on March 21st.
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*このイベント情報は、 からの転載になります。イベント申し込みは元記事からお申し込みください。

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