夕暮れ時の金曜日、駐車場でHappy Hourを開きます!



そんなわけで…これから毎週金曜日の夕暮れ時、我らが駐車場にてちょっとした寛ぎの場を演出します。久々に会うメンバーとアイデア交換、ホストとゆるり談話、ご帰宅前のちょっと飲み、などなどdrop-inも大歓迎! ご家族、ご友人もご一緒に是非、お待ちしています。



日時:2020/9/18(金)16:00 – 18:00

場所:Impact HUB Tokyo 駐車場

金額:お1人500円:ワンドリンクとおつまみ(アルコールorノンアルコール 選べます!12才以下のお子さまは無料)



HAPPY PARKING HOUR! It’s been hard time for everybody in the period of “staying home”, the moment we are somehow forced to change our mind-set. All of my team members, as a community builder have also been thinking what and how we could do to keep HUB community alive in spite of this unsettled times. So we’ve finally decided to create a mini-community event every Friday in the late afternoon, yes, it’s an cosy & relaxing happy hour for all HUBbers!

Plase do pop in for a drink and a bite to meet members or hosts you haven’t had a communication. Bringing your friends and family are more than welcome. See you in a week!

**Hand and goods sanitizer will be available, furniture layout will carefully be considered to keep distance

**Although we’ll do preparation for mosquito, please mind your clothes during the event. Apparently wearing white (black is the worst…) is good for mos protection!

– Date: 18th September 16:00 – 18:00

– Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo’s Parking

– Fee: ¥500 (included one alcohol or non-alcohol drink and snacks. Kids are free)

– How to join: Just click “join” on facebook page!

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